Tuesday, 25 March 2014

First Mothing Session of the Year at the Res's! (15th March)

Six of us turned up to Eco Soc's mothing today and despite arriving late, I still managed to catch up with everything we caught overnight.  The days totals are as follows:

Argal Trap 1

2 Hebrew Characters

Argal Trap 2

1 Chestnut

College Trap 1

1 Hebrew Character
1 Winter Shade

College Trap 2

1 Early Grey
1 Hebrew Character
1 Red-green Carpet
2 Dotted Borders
1 Chestnut

Hebrew Character


Winter Shade

Early Grey

Red-green Carpet

paler morph Dotted Border

darker morph of Dotted Border

I'll leave you with this absolutely hilarious creature we also came across in the traps.  Definitely one of my favourites (although it isn't technically even a moth).

unIDed moth-fly sp.

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